true religion. T-Shirt television In 2004, brand marketers introduced true religion. T-Shirt television In 2004, brand marketers introduced true religion. T-Shirt television In 2004, brand marketers introduced

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This shirt is obviously inspired by the distaste the christian assembly has for homosexuality in general.To point out that their lord was in fact the product of a homosexual coupling.

Look, i appreciate trying to curtail the idiotic views of the conservative hivemind(Largely driven by christian influence)But this is a serious reach.I have two daddies you know and neither are gay.One a step-Father.It not uncommon in this age of divorce and bastard children

The best thing about this shirt is that it using lies and misrepresentation to get across the message which is something that churches do all the damn time.So it gets points for irony.

I think a all means necessary approach is justified and for that i will go slightly easy on the shirt but it must be obvious to anybody with half a brain that the story is that god tapped mary when joseph wasn looking making joseph a step daddy and jesus a real daddy.That makes none of them gay and if anything makes this shirt more apt a statement defending the rights of those with step-Fathers(Is that even a prejudice? ).Anything to piss off the church though and for that i give jesus had two daddies a 5/10.

Ahhh kevin07.For those outside australia in 2007 a young(Sorta), inspiring leader of men, the right honourable Kevin Rudd became the Prime Minister of Australia.His campaign was built on great policy, idealistic views and more or less just saying he do shit us common folk liked.

Honestly i think a hell of a lot of his victory had to do with his first name rhyming with the year.His pr team had a fucking miracle idea and even slammed it on a t-Shirt!Brilliant shit.Slogan t-Shirts won the election for kevin rudd.

Unfortunately for mr.Rudd, his name didn rhyme with 10(And doesn rhyme with 13)So he was ousted pretty quick and replaced by julia gillard(First woman pm in oz history what up easy win!? )

Unfortunately without some witty catch phrase and slogan t-Shirt, the coalition was able to use it age old tactic of no policy, just throw shit everywhere and see if it sticks and trash the shit out of julia as pm.They even stole the fucking labor party idea and came up with their own quirky shit in reverse like ha!How funny is that!About as funny as a wet fart in white pants but moving on.Despite kevin defeating the incumbent john howard so utterly convincingly with his campaign built on awesome shit like speaking mandarin, for some utterly insane reason his party knifed him and didn even bother trying to come up with good ideas for campaign names!I got one right now.How bout thrillard?Fucks sake that took me five seconds labor party.Up your damn game.Rulia thrillard.That will get votes.Anyways the supreme lord ofimbecilestony abbott was able to almost win the fucking election!How in fuck?Seriously, the coalition was almost destroyed and somehow they nearly won. (Yeah i know, the whole world is rigged by some brain in a jar and things are always restored to balance, leave philosophy out of this for a second).

They went into an election.Against the first woman pm.With a dunce as their leader.With no policy.Against a government that was so strong it could just do whatever it wanted at the time, and nearly won.Forced a hung parliament.

And then they continued.Their policies are still blatantly antagonistic at best.Moreover they just generally don exist.They still just sling shit everywhere and now tony abbott is going to most likely become our gwb, like we fucking need it.

So what do we do to save australia.Do we make rulia thrillard shirts?Or do we make kevin 07 shirts and just cross out the 07 and roughly put a 13 there?Both great ideas imo.

Kevin 07-7/10-Wearablefor the intelligent.Actually hides the fact that it a slogan t-Shirt.Single handedly True Religion Jeans Canada won a government election ffs!Unfortunately it inherently works against the slogan t-Shirt industry general target market.You know who i mean.This marks it down substantially.If rudd was a liberal it be a 10/10 shirt.

This slogan t-Shirt was brought to my attention by my good friend and confidante archie ward of thailand.Thanks archie.

The irony of this shirt is that there is at least a very good chance that if one were to take this handsome gentleman up on his offer he would have to covertly google it anyway.He looks gen y to me(Google tells me that anyway, i don really have any understanding of genetics).I actually don know anything.It kind of like minority report(I haven seen that movie, i just googled it tbh, apparently it a book? ).

Did you know a google is some kind of large number?True story.Also apparently google is the biggest thing in the world.Also google owns youtube now and they trying to defeat facebook with google+.

No google!Enough.Perhaps the message in this shirt is more than an ironic statement about the inferiority of the memory recollection of the current crop of mouthbreathers?Perhaps, just mayhaps it intends to wake us up!Wake us the fuck up!If we keep googling, we rely more and more and more on it.It becomes our queen.We are ants and it our queen.

To be honest we already Rrue Teligion fucked and let face it, that what a slogan shirt does best.Arguing a lost cause.

Fuck google, ask me-9/10-This is what slogan t-Shirts were made for.The use of the word fuck opens up the potential of this shirt to those that ordinarily wouldn care for such thoughts and just enjoy swear words on their shirts.Another thing this slogan t-Shirt does in my opinion is break through that barrier that prevents trendy folk from wearing them.I could totally see some trendy fuck in a wooly hat and loafers with his corn cobb pipe or whatever the fuck trendy folk wear in this shirt.The ice breaking potential of this shirt is ridiculous.If you go out to some jank bar this diddy will get you spoken to!For the gawky fucks among you that is like cotton gold!Granted, wise asses will approach you and ask you stupid questions like the capital of lesotho?Or are you so fat?But it still better than people moving away when you sit near them.This shirt appeals to everybody.Get this fucking shirt and prosper.

To my google overlords, please note the constant capitalisation of your great name and accept my praise.Kthx.

Slogan t-Shirts.We all worn one at some stage in our life.I remember wearing one when i was like 15 that said head?On it and it was a stick figure dude with no head.Hilarious right?I loved slogan t-Shirts man.I lived for them.Every Shirt i owned was a slogan t-Shirt.Then one day some dude came up to me and was like t-Shirts are not cool man, you shouldn wear them and then i was like, i totally know that dude what up, just wearing this ironically and he knowingly nodded to me and we never spoke again.It was a profound day.Sometime at a later moment i was hovering over my micro machines bedspread bedsprud bed with every t-Shirt i owned laid out on them(It was like 4 or something, i was pretty under-Opinionated at the time [yes i would have made a good friend]).I stroked them lovingly as i said my goodbyes.I had decided to hand them over to my younger brother.Early in his life the eternal powers that be had dictated that he would never, ever care for what cool(Unintentionally, and in some way that makes him way cooler than me)So
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